Destination Introduction

San Fransisco Church
San Fransisco Church

Salvador is the capital of the north eastern Brazilian state of Bahia and it has a population of 2.5 million. Salvador is a city which is very rich in a mix of Brazilian and African culture. As a result, it is colourful, vibrant and an exciting place for photography. The city used to be the capital of Brazil and is divided into two height levels, the upper and lower city. There are over three hundred picturesque and beautiful churches in Salvador and the African culture also extends to food and music.

Photographic Subjects

An interesting subject

The city is full of things to photograph – people, buildings, coast line. Salvador is well known for its colourful and historical architecture which includes many stunning churches – the most amazing of which is the San Francisco church, almost all covered in gold leaf! Many of the buildings in the city are brightly coloured and can make interesting photos. Also, some women dress up in the elaborate traditional costume of the area specifically to be photographed. During Carnival the city comes alive with celebration and festivity and offers a good subject.

A day’s drive outside of Salvador is a remote area called Lençóis which has amazing limestone caves, gorges and plateaus – a very different experience to Salvador.

Photography Tips

Samba Costume
Colourful Samba display

In many of the churches in Salvador they dislike the use of flash photography, however you can capture some beautiful images without using a flash by resting the camera on a flat surface and prolonging the exposure. Elsewhere in the city, keep your camera ready and be on the lookout for anything that might make an interesting photo. The women dressed in the traditional costumes will demand a fee for a photograph. It may also be a good idea to visit a samba show or a capoeira display as they can often make very good photographs if you are creative.